Teeth Whitening Kits

Teeth Whitening Kits with 2 Gel (Non Peroxide)

Teeth whitening kits. The Teeth whitening Kit includes 20mls of teeth bleaching gel, remineralisation gel for strengthening and repairing enamel and dual arch moulds. Quality assured, safe and fully EU and UK compliant.

Product Guide:

2 x 10ml teeth whitening gel with 10 full teeth whitening treatments

1 set of Dual arch moulds and trays. NOT thermo moulds

1 custom tray case for safe and hygienic storage for your trays

Shade guide to follow your treatment progress

Detailed teeth whitening instructions


The teeth whitening kit has a huge 20ml of teeth whitening gel which will offer you more than 20 individual sessions of teeth whitening treatment in the comfort of your own home. Our teeth whitening gel is EU and UK compliant, which leaves us as the only online teeth whitening company offering safe and effective teeth whitening kits for a fraction of what it may cost in the dentist.

Our teeth whitening kit is designed to be used for 45 minutes per session until you achieve the level of teeth whitening you desire. With zero chance of sensitivity and no dangerous chemicals like peroxide you are assured of a white smile without sensitivity or gum irritation.

The remineralisation gel will add vitality and strengthen tooth enamel when used once per week for 5-10 mins.