The Teeth Whitening Trays: A strong and versatile set of teeth whitening trays designed to last for years and to fit almost any shape or size of smile. These are not the Thermo moulds which you can buy at many other shops and chemists. Thermo moulds are totally inadequate for teeth whitening and we have yet to hear from anyone who has been able to heat and form the moulds correctly. With the Dual Arch trays you simply add a little whitening gel to the top and bottom sides of the tray, place in your mouth and watch a great white smile shine through. Laser Teeth Whitening Light: Believe it or not, this is the exact same blue light that you are charged a fortune for at your dentist or salon. Yes, they call their treatment “Laser Teeth Whitening”. It is in fact a blue light at a certain frequency; the exact same blue light frequency in our LED whitening light. The reason it is called LASER TEETH WHITENING is purely down to marketing and the fact that “BLUE LIGHT TEETH WHITENING” doesn’t really sound that exciting. The Teeth Whitening Superstore Remineralisation Gel: This Gel is targeted at adding Vitamins and Minerals to your teeth. Remineralisation enables the tooth to actively Remineralise itself with fluorides, calcium, phosphate and is proven to enhance the tooth enamel. If you have sensitive teeth, remineralising gel helps lessen sensitivity to hot, cold, air pressure and touch.