Peroxide and Non-peroxide Teeth Whitening

AccelaWhite Pen

How to use the AccelaWhite Non Peroxide Teeth Whitening Pen:

Simple and easy to use the AccelaWhite Tooth Whitening Pen works best after a gentle clean of the teeth before use.


Product Guide:

Step 1: Position the pen vertically so that the Accelerator is at the bottom end.

Twist the centre barrel to open, carefully remove the brush and apply a coat of the Accelerator to each tooth to be treated. Replace cap securely.

Step 2: Immediately after application, turn the pen over and twist the centre barrel to open the Whitening Gel. Again, carefully brush a coating onto each tooth to be treated. Do not overcoat the teeth with Gel as this will not improve the whitening effect.  Replace cap securely. During application, and for 30 seconds afterwards, keep your lips and tongue away from your teeth.

It is recommended that you avoid food and drink for up to thirty minutes after application. The pen can be used twice a day for whiter teeth for a period of seven days. Continued applications can be administered for up to two weeks.