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"Outstanding customer service! I had the product 2 days after I ordered it by Anpost. The product is fantastic and easy to use and is as described on the site. Thanks. I definitely will be a repeat purchaser especially considering dentists in Ireland can charge up to €75 for a tiny 3ml syringe!!!"
Maggie Burns

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"Fast delivery, prompt service and a voice on the end of the phone for advice at any time. I recommend this company to everyone.
George Mc Grath


I have tried many teeth whitening products. The 16% kit is the best I have found. Great Value and even better results.
Alex Green


"Can't thank teethwhiteningsuperstore.com enough for selling me such a good teeth whitening kit that actually give you a white smile. I tried all the whitening toothpastes, all the cheap and free teeth whitening gimmics but this teeth whitening kit is brilliant. I'm telling everyone."
Josie Dovers
tooth bleaching

Teeth Whitening Gel

tooth bleaching

16% Teeth Whitening Gel x 2

Teeth whitening gel x 20 treatments. Teeth bleaching gel. 20ml of teeth whitening gel. Free second class delivery to the UK and next day delivery option available. We also deliver to mainland Europe and USA.


Premium quality teeth whitening gel. Teeth bleach

Dentist Approved. We supply this exact gel to dental professionals.

Formulated to near neutral PH with reduced sensitivity.

FDA regulated. Made in USA.

2 year shelf life with Zero sensitivity and gum irritation.

Delivers supreme teeth whitening results fast!

We offer 10ml syringes, not the tiny 3ml others sell at crazy prices.


Teeth Whitening Gel Product Guide:

In our huge 10ml teeth whitening gel we offer you 10 treatments of teeth whitening which can be down in the comfort of your own home or office, using your teeth whitening trays.

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