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"Outstanding customer service! I had the product 2 days after I ordered it by Anpost. The product is fantastic and easy to use and is as described on the site. Thanks. I definitely will be a repeat purchaser especially considering dentists in Ireland can charge up to €75 for a tiny 3ml syringe!!!"
Maggie Burns

AccelaWhite Pen

"Fast delivery, prompt service and a voice on the end of the phone for advice at any time. I recommend this company to everyone.
George Mc Grath


I have tried many teeth whitening products. The 16% kit is the best I have found. Great Value and even better results.
Alex Green


"Can't thank teethwhiteningsuperstore.com enough for selling me such a good teeth whitening kit that actually give you a white smile. I tried all the whitening toothpastes, all the cheap and free teeth whitening gimmics but this teeth whitening kit is brilliant. I'm telling everyone."
Josie Dovers
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Do you already have teeth whitening trays/moulds?

Answer: NO. We advise a teeth whitening kit. This includes a set of Dual Arch Trays, 2 Dental Strength Gels, 1 Remineralising Gel, Led Whitening Light, Custom Tray Case, Shade Guide and a complete set of instructions. This is the best value whitening kit on the market and includes everything you need for a white smile. Click here to buy

Answer: YES. The teeth whitening gels are great value; especially considering we give you a massive 10ml syringe and not the 3ml others sell.

Do you suffer from sensitivity when whitening your teeth with whitening products?

Answer: NO. Great, some people do suffer from sensitivity and it can be very off putting to use whitening products.

Answer: YES. Using high percentages of whitening gel can bring on sensitivity which can last more than a week. If this is the case then we recommend either you only use your whitening products every other night or you could try the whitening pen. The pen is specially designed to help people with sensitivity and is the latest in technology for this industry. The whitening pen allows you to slowly brighten your teeth with you in total control. Simply using the pen once a day for 10mins can seriously enhance the whiteness of your teeth. We also recommend our Foaming White system which is proven to whiten your teeth within 1-2 weeks of continuous use and will offer zero sensitivity.
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Why would I purchase a LED Whitening Light from you?

The teeth whitening light is a great way to get the bright, white smile faster and without the expensive costs as opposed to dentists laser teeth whitening.
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Why would I buy Remineralsing Gels?

The remineralising gel helps to protect and strengthen the teeth and lessons sensitivity and strengthens tooth enamel post bleaching.
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Can I trust that you will post me the products I order?

We have been in this industry for over 6 years now. We have a strong brand and reputation to uphold and we treat every purchase with professionalism and efficiency. We also have heard the horror stories from people who have purchased online only to never receive their order. And we have heard the worst case scenario were people have been multiple charged for products they never ordered. You can be assured that Teeth Whitening Superstore use the tried and trusted payment provider Paypal to handle our payment section. For us to work with such an esteemed payment provider we have strict guidelines to adhere to as well as stringent security measures to uphold. So please be assured you are dealing with an established and reputable company. And if you are still not sure, then give us a call. We are always here to answer any questions and we pride ourselves on having a face to our website and not just an email like other sites have.

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