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Using Teeth Whitening Gel At Home Or At The Dentist - 18 April 2012

Using Teeth Whitening Gel At Home Or At The Dentist


Don’t let yellow teeth hinder your self confidence. There are many solutions to getting whiter teeth. One of the most popular ways to whiten your teeth is by using teeth whitening gel


Over time, beverages such as coffee and tea stain your teeth. And brushing doesn’t always take care of the problem.  Other factors such as medications, smoking and age also contribute to discolored teeth.  Thank goodness for the invention of teeth whitening kits and methods.  Now you don’t have to live with yellow teeth.  A dentist can help get your teeth white again, or you can do it yourself.  Both are popular methods.  Which one is right for you depends on a few things.  Cost and convenience are the most important things to people when it comes to teeth whitening.  How much do you want to spend on your whiter teeth?  And do you want to do it at home, or in a dentist office?  


If you go to the dentist, he will use special tools, brushes and whitening products to get your teeth white.  Make an appointment for a consultation with your regular dentist or a cosmetic dentist to talk about what they can do to make your teeth white again. He or she will talk to you about cost, methods and side effects. They will also help you choose the right shade of white for your teeth. 


Most dentists use a hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel.  The gel will go into a small mouth tray and you will keep the tray in your mouth for a designated amount of time.  Other dentists might use whitening methods such as a gel or paste applied directly to the teeth and then placed under a light.  No matter which method your dentist uses, you will like the end results. 


If you decide you want to whiten your own teeth, you can purchase a do it yourself teeth whitening kit that you can use at home in your own time.  They are very similar to the kind that dentists use, the only difference is, you will be doing it yourself.  The gel might not be as concentrated as what the dentist uses, but you will still achieve the desired results if you follow the instructions carefully.  There are also teeth whitening toothpastes, gum, mouthwashes and strips that can help get your teeth white.


The most common side effect of teeth whitening kits and gels is tooth sensitivity.  You may experience some discomfort when you drink hot or cold beverages. You will notice that your teeth are very sensitive to the heat or cold. You can cut down on this sensitivity by using a toothpaste made specifically for sensitive teeth.  Also, try not to whiten your teeth more than the directions on the kit say to, or than your dentist suggests. Otherwise the sensitivity will only get worse.



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