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How to brush your teeth the correct way - 18 April 2012

Although the most of us brush our teeth to clean and freshen our breath, the main objective when we brush our teeth is to get rid of the plaque build up caused by acidic foods and sugar laden drinks.

The removal of plaque is best achieved by using a soft bristled tooth brush abd gentle brushing on all the exposed areas of the teeth.

Contary to what some people think, using a hard bristled brush is not as effective and can cause damage to the gums in some cases.

The enamel on our teeth, although extremely strong is only a thin minute layer, and vigorous brushing with a hard bristled tooth brush, over time can damage the enamel of our teeth and cause irritation to the gums.

So to recap, the important thing to remember when brushing your teeth is to use a gentle massaging motion and to brush every exposed area of your tooth and not to rush. A thorough cleaning of the teeth should take between two to three minutes. Time yourself the next time you brush your teeth and if you find that you are finishing too quickly as most people do, teel yourself to take longer. Your teeth will thank you for it and will stay much healthier.

To help keep your teeth looking yoyhful and bright, use a teeth whitening kit to enhance your most important feature.

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